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We've collected most frequently asked questions about our app. You'll find the answers you’re looking for here.
Using the Naviaddress app you can easily find any place, create your own Naviaddress, add a photo and detailed a description. Share this Naviaddress with your customers and friends however you like (via text or social media), and they will easily find the place and get there by, using the integrated Uber service or any common navigation tool.
What is it?
Naviaddress is a service that makes it easy to assign a unique digital address code to any place or object on the map and customise it with an accurate description, comments and photos.
Why do I need it?
Naviaddress can help you identify and find any location quickly and accurately. With Naviaddress remote and hard to find places like a small store in the city, a wildlife preserve in a jungle or a camp site in the middle of nowhere are as easy to find as well-known landmarks.
How to use it?
Be found: Find a spot on the map, create a Naviaddress, insert your comments and upload a photo. Share it from the app or just tell your friends the simple number.
Find something: If your are looking for a Naviaddress just click on a link or enter the number in the app. Open the Naviaddress page and you'll see the location, comments and photos. You can order a taxi or open the route planner with just one click.